Miners Inn

Exterior 4

Solano Street view of building.

The Miners Inn currently has 3-4 ground floor commercial units as well as 8-10 residential units upstairs. The historic hotel could be restored to the magnificent hotel it once was or continue to be used as long-term residential units. We do have units for rent. Please call Fred at 530-521-0618 for information on rentals.

There is a sports bar located on the left hand side of the building, on the corner. There are three to four commerical spaces available on the ground floor of the building.

Common Area in the hotel

This historic building is located in downtown Corning, California right in the middle of the downtown area on Solano Avenue (Corning’s largest street).

Sports Bar located in hotel building.

The hotel is also the largest building in downtown Corning. (Click on link to Google Map, click on street view to see an overview of the street that the hotel is located on.)

Portion of sports bar area.

Units have small kitchen area.

Hallway on one fo the floors of the hotel.

A plaque was placed on the front of the building noting its historical significance to the area.  It is possible that the building could be listed on the National Register of Historic Places making it eligible for possible tax credits or other incentives. Buyer should contact the agency to determine what would be required and what incentives would be made available to assist in restoring the building.

The Miners Hotel is located in the heart of the downtown area of Corning.  The area is mostly commercial but there is an elementary school nearby. Also located in the neighborhood are churches, a market, the fire department, and restaurants.